Clinical Resources - Depression

This workbook focuses on ways to deal with workplace problems so they are less likely to cause depressed mood or lead to depression, and reduce the effects of depression and depressed mood on work satisfaction and performance. 68 pages.

A self-care guide explaining how depression can be effectively managed according to the best available research, and gives a step-by-step guide to recognize and manage depression, change negative thinking and solve problems.
72 pages.

This information guide provides information for family, friends and others on risk factors and warning signs associated with suicide in older adults as a first step. It offers suggestions and recommendations on how to intervene in an appropriate way and seek professional help. 23 pages.

Excessive anxiety that causes distress or that interferes with daily activities is not  a normal part of aging, and can lead to a variety of health problems and decreased functioning in everyday life. Between 3% and 14% of older adults meet the criteria for a diagnosable anxiety disorder.

This handout describes possible causes, symptoms and when to seek help if someone may be suffering from depression. Local and website resources are offered. 2 pages.