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CSAH continues to play a leadership role in multiple ongoing research and knowledge transfer and exchange (KTE) projects and activities and we have established a number of collaborative partnerships with other research and innovation organizations in aging and health across Ontario.

Featured Publications & Reports

The authors measured the lag effects of temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and fine particulate matter on hospitalizations and deaths for heart failure in elderly diagnosed with this disease over a ten year period in Quebec. They found a drop of 10°C in the average temperature over 7 days was associated with increased risk to be hospitalized or death for heart failure in around 7% of the elderly diagnosed with this disease.

This guide from the American Psychological Association, Climate for Health and ecoAmerica provides an overview of climate change, its impact on mental health and recommendations for addressing those mental health impacts. There is a section specific to the increased risks posed to older adults.

This article discusses the impact of light on the human circadian system, seasonality of human cognitive brain function, immunity and physiology. The authors touch upon the use of light therapy for geriatric depression and the importance of learning more about the circadian system in aging to improve cognitive function, mood, and sleep in relation to dementia.