This American website provides an overview of medicines for dementia, how they work, how well they work and side effects.

This information sheet developed by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation outlines a number of ways a home can be adapted to make life easier for people living with dementia and their care partners.  A number of considerations and tips are provided related to lighting to flooring, everything in between and outdoor spaces.

This brochure outlines things that people can do to enhance their health and quality of life when living with Alzheimer’s disease. Tips regarding nutrition, physical, mental and social activities are included.  Safety considerations and other resources are also provided.

Alzheimer’s Disease International’s, “I Can! I Will!” project provides e-books with a variety of perspectives on dementia.  This book contains chapters specific to family carers and friends.

This Government of Canada webpage explains compassionate care benefits, who is eligible to apply, information on how to apply and other important details.

This webpage provides a comprehensive overview for care partners to consider in regards to the nutrition and hydration needs of those with dementia.

This webpage provides tips on how to recognize the warning signs of frustration, how to calm yourself down, ways to reduce stress, tips for communication, how to learn to ask for help and advice for self-care.

This brochure is intended to assist caregivers assess their stress levels associated with their caregiving role.  It also provides information to assist in decision making and a checklist to assist in the evaluation of Long-term Care Home options.

This resource is intended to help families and caregivers understand and cope with ambiguous loss and grief, how to help those with dementia to cope with loss and grief and strategies for families and caregivers to stay connected to the person with dementia.