This study sought to explore the validity of the current understanding of resilience as it applies to older people and its application as guide for interventions. 6 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This publication discusses the findings of data analysis which found that a high level of mastery, or resilience is significantly associated with physical, mental and social functioning. 6 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

The authors of this article discuss how a latent variable measuring resilient coping is able to predict a significant and large part of the variance in well-being. 11 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This article discusses the authors findings as well as that resilience is dynamic and can be fostered to support well-being throughout the lifespan. 10 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

Wed. June 20th from 12-1pm EDT join Robin Urquhart of Dalhousie University for this webinar presentation about a study which aimed to create an "identification rule" using information from the electronic medical record (EMR) of patients to notify doctors when a patient is nearing end of life. For more information or to register click here.

The aim of this study was to understand the meaning of resilience for hospitalized older people who experience chronic conditions. 9 pages. Last reviewed May, 2018.

This paper reviews a study that examined and synthesized the literature on the needs of older adults with multiple chronic conditions and those of their caregivers, and identified gaps in evidence as well as directions for further research.  6 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This article discusses a study which investigated social engagement restrictions among middle-aged and older adults with chronic conditions and factors associated with these restrictions. 13 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

The authors aimed to determine whether a representative national probability sample of US community-dwelling older adults who reported less social support also reported poorer general health status. 7 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This study sought to examine satisfaction with social support as a potentially modifiable factor that might facilitate the development of more positive attitudes to aging. 27 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.