The authors investigated the consequences of subjective experiences of neighbourhood safety and social cohesion on older adults mental health. Their findings suggest the importance of promoting perceived neighbourhood safety and social cohesion particularly for those with functional limitations. 11 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

This study investigated older adults perceptions of aging through a variety of lenses. 10 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

This paper discusses research which examines how a collaborative community approach can promote successful aging in place for older adults who engage in hoarding behaviours. 8 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

The authors investigated both neighbourhood and home as socio-spatial realms of older adults and explored the relationship between health and place. They also looked at objective and subjective measures and their associations with cognition. 11 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

This American article seeks to summarize research, practice and policy on community initiatives from the field of aging and beyond. It addresses questions regarding the ways in which communities can affect healthy aging, what age-friendly community initiatives (AFCIs) are, and an overview of past and potential efforts within the U.S. government to support community change processes on behalf of our rapidly aging society. 4 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

This article provides an overview of factors which influence the acceptance of electronic technology to support aging in place and compares implementation factors and results as well as recommendations for future research. 14 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

This article discusses that many older adults leave the hospital frailer than when they started and how some of that is preventable. Most of the damage done by acute illness is baked in to how frailty works and therefore, rehabilitation is strongly suggested in acute care for effective recovery. Last reviewed June 2018

Today, many elders are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation in a plethora of ways. Unfortunately, an excess of these cases go unreported and unnoticed to the public. With that said, it is important to address the topic to prevent elder abuse from becoming more prevalent. This guide will address the different types of elder abuse, how to address and prevent them, and also how to avoid becoming a elderly victim of theft. Last reviewed June 2018.

This presentation was given by Dr. Parminder Raina on May 25, 2018 and reviewed highlights of the key findings and baseline data from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging.  40 slides. Last reviewed May 2018.

Older adults are more severely impacted by drug and alcohol abuse than most people realize. With age, this population may experience changes in their physical and mental well-being, social circles and family dynamics, and may require more assistance in their everyday lives.  Substance use disorders can be treated, and recovery is possible for anyone, no matter their age. Last reviewed May 2018.