This study sought to examine satisfaction with social support as a potentially modifiable factor that might facilitate the development of more positive attitudes to aging. 27 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

These authors propose that studying multimorbidity may help to understand the biology of aging and, at the same time, understanding the underpinnings of aging may help to develop strategies to prevent or delay the burden of multimorbidity. 20 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

The aim of this study was to investigate the concepts and interventions related to resilience in dementia caregivers and explore models of resilience applicable to dementia caregiving. 2 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This study systematically reviewed the definitions, methodological approaches and determinant models associated with resilience among caregivers of people with dementia. 9 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This paper discusses the findings of a cross-sectional study investigating whether a rural, urban, or suburban location impacts the level of resilience in older adults. 10 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

The authors propose that psychological resilience can interact with diurnal cortisol to affect health outcomes later in life. They propose that by determining how the use of resilience interacts with diurnal cortisol it will improve our understanding of the pathways between stress, resilience and well-being. 18 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This study sought to explore variations in the level of community resilience along the lifespan. 14 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This qualitative study sought to describe women’s resilience in older adulthood as stated by older women through their interpretations of their experiences and contexts of their lives. 18 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This pdf book offers important insights about many ways that older adults can achieve and display resilience, the benefits of being resilient for aging well, and steps community service providers can take to foster resilience in the older population. 2 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

The purpose of this literature review was to provide an overview of resilience for the purpose of informing potential intervention designs that may benefit older adults. 7 pages. Last reviewed May, 2018.