This guide will help older adults who are feeling depressed. It will also help family members and others who care about them. The guide gives information about the causes and symptoms of depression. It also describes what to do if you, or someone you care about, is feeling depressed. 15 Pages.

This handout describes possible causes, symptoms and when to seek help if someone may be suffering from depression. Local and website resources are offered. 2 pages.

This information sheet provides non-pharmacological approaches to support caregivers in a crisis situation when interacting with people who have dementia. 1 Page.

This information sheet provides non-pharmacological approaches to support caregivers in communicating and interacting with people who have dementia. 2 Pages.

This guide provides information and resources for the formal and informal caregivers to understand and care for clients with BPSD and “challenging” behaviors. An overview of preventative strategies, precipitating risk factors, treatment options and diagnostic and assessment tools are offered along with warning signs of caregiver stress. 23 Pages.

This document explains the impairments and behaviours commonly seen in dementia as a result of malfunction of the cerebellum, brain stem and subcortical areas along with effective care strategies. 2 Pages.

This resource is intended to guide the selection and monitoring of psychotropic drugs using the P.I.E.C.E.S. 3-Question Template. 2 pages.

This comprehensive resource provides seniors and their partners in care with information about living with dementia, planning for the future, the caregiving journey and working with your health care team. 162 Pages.

The By Us For Us© Guides (BUFU guides) are a series of guides created by a group of talented and passionate persons with dementia and/or partners in care. The guides are designed to equip persons with dementia with the necessary tools to enhance their well being and manage daily challenges.