Ce manuel de planification préalable des soins PDF en anglais est destiné à un usage personnel pour les résidents de l'Ontario. 20 pages. Dernière révision en juin 2018. Des copies imprimées sont disponibles sur commande en contactant Aja Dykes à adykes@hpco.ca.

This english pdf Advance Care Planning workbook is intended for personal use for Ontario residents. 20 pages. Last reviewed June 2018. Print copies are available to order by contacting Aja Dykes at adykes@hpco.ca

On May 25, 2018 Roop Sandhu gave this presentation overviewing the South Frontenac SALT program, it's mission and role in assisting community dwelling seniors to age-in-place. 29 slides. Last reviewed May 2018.

Older adults are more severely impacted by drug and alcohol abuse than most people realize. With age, this population may experience changes in their physical and mental well-being, social circles and family dynamics, and may require more assistance in their everyday lives.  Substance use disorders can be treated, and recovery is possible for anyone, no matter their age. Last reviewed May 2018.

Dementia Friendly Communities Ontario is working to to support people living with dementia in our communities.  To learn more visit http://alzheimer.ca/en/on/We-can-help/Dementia-Friendly-Communities-Ontario.  Help spread the word by sharing the pdf poster.

Tuesday June 5th from 12:30-4:00pm at the YMCA Hamilton Auditorium. This half day program features Taralyn Prindiville (Hamilton Council on Aging), Amanda Grenier (Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging) and Pat Spadafora (Kaleidoscope Consulting) and includes a free lunch for registrants. Register by contacting Taralyn Priniville at prindiville@hhsc.ca or calling 905-777-3837 x 12434.

Wednesday June 13, 2018 from 2-3PM EDT. Join Krista James and Valerie LeBlanc for thid presentation in recognition of World Elder Abuse Day. The Canadian Centre for Elder Law (CCEL) will provide a snapshot of laws across the country relevant to elder abuse. CCEL will address ethical issues relevant to responding to abuse, and help webinar participants identify key resources to support older adults.

Thursday, June 28, 2018 from 1-2 PM EDT. Former mayor of Kingston, Helen C. Cooper, will present the Oasis Model during this webinar. Oasis is a grass-roots developed program for seniors operating out of a privately owned and operated apartment building in central Kingston. Since its inception in 2008, Oasis has rested on the philosophy that the seniors who choose to become members of Oasis have an integral role to play in determining their own programming. Oasis focuses on the social determinants of health common to all seniors, including social inclusion, physical activity, good nutrition and enhanced health and social service navigation. Recently, Oasis has gained province-wide recognition as a successful alternative housing model for older adults who often cannot afford private residential care. Register here.

In partnership with the Belleville's 50+ Centre, CARP Greater Bay of Quinte Chapter #39 presents "Coffee & Chat" with Brainna Robinson of CALC - Community & Advocacy & Legal Centre Discussing Senior's Issues on April 10th at 2-4om in 2nd Floor Multipurpose Room at the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre.  Everyone is welcome!

The October calendar for the Belleville 50+ Centre includes meetings, presentations, recreation and social opportunities. Please see the pdf.