The Seniors Health Knowledge Network (SHKN, originally the Seniors Health Research Transfer Network or SHRTN) is a network of networks that mobilizes evidence, shares knowledge and brokers relationships across disciplines and sectors among: practitioners, researchers, educators, policy makers, and older adults. It initially received provincial funding between 2005-2014 but continues now through sponsorship and support of its key stakeholders.

Over the course of its existence the Network has developed:

This publication makes the argument that those faced with life-limitng illnesses can benefit from palliative care.  It suggests that using an integrated approach early in the course of disease improves quality of life.  20 pages.

This 25 page summary provides research findings from a national survey that determined the sort of palliative medicine workforce that Canada should be developing: specifically the types of physicians who deliver palliative care, how palliative medicine is practised and the educational process that physicians have undertaken to reach their practice level. The summary detailed areas where palliative care is practised, the hours per week worked and much more. 

A Model to Guide Palliative Care based on national principles and norms of practice was first released in 2002: this is a revised version. This steamlined version focuses on principles and norms and provides only the most used information. Contained within are topics such as the illness experience, the role Hospice Palliative care throughout the trajectory of care and a model to guide person and family care.

The 2017 to 2018 Annual Report highlights the current commitments, values and assets of the Centre.  This includes information about our team, activities, partnerships, funding requests, recent presentations and workshops, and future strategic opportunities.