Understanding how to Navigate the Health System: A Guide for Citizens Course

This online course, separated in six (6) modules, describes the design and function of the Ontario health system to help citizens, patients and caregivers get answers for their health-related concerns and to help them advocate for change when necessary. This online course, prepared by the McMaster Health Forum and supported by the Ontario SPOR SUPPORT Unit, was developed as a guide to help citizens, patients, and caregivers to understand the Ontario health system.

1) Introduction (12 min, 55 sec)
2) Care for select conditions (5 min, 51 sec)
3) Care for select treatments (5 min, 0 sec)
4) Care for select populations (5 min, 25 sec)
5) The building blocks of the health system (8 min, 48 sec)
6) Conclusion (4 min, 38 sec) 

Additional resources: 
Free download of the book Ontario’s Health System: Key Insights for Engaged Citizens, Professional and Policymakers: https://www.mcmasterforum.org/find-evidence/ontarios-health-system